Our Artists

Camp Leader: The Higher Council

Instagram: @Higher_Council

Donation proceeds under The Higher Council are donated to the Native American Rights Foundation. The NARF are dedicated to protecting the rights of Native Americans by providing organization, funding and support for legal court cases. Most specifically cases in higher courts.

Visit NARF.org for more information

Bio: The Higher Council is responsible for the official licensing and distribution of all hunting permits and Eternal Skills. The Higher Council is not responsible for the actions of The Midnight Scouts, and has no knowledge of the alleged  disappearances around camp. If any information is known on said disappearances, contact The Higher Council immediately. Or stay awake at night from the unbearable weight of knowing the truth. The Higher Council will know you are awake, and will relieve you of your burden. All witnesses will be sent back home, where they are safe, and most definitely alive. Thank you for your involuntary cooperation.


Camp Leader: Spunky Specter

Instagram: @Spunky.Speckter


Camp Leader: Hailey

Instagram: @lariahstudio
Website: https:// haileym9801.wixsite.com/website
Contact: @lariahstudio on Instagram

Hailey specializes in acrylic painting and digital illustration. Her work includes lots of animals, nature, and some spooky creations. The design career she is building has also earned her experience in web design, graphic arts, logo design, and branding.


Camp leader: Les_Mata

Instagram: les_mata
Website: lesliemata.com
Contact: lesmatah@gmail.com

Although Leslie is proficient at creating traditional forms of art, her best work is shown in the bizarre and wondrous creatures she creates.

She often finds inspiration in various collectibles such as trading cards, books, games, plushies and art. Of course, anything eye-catching enough will work for her.


Camp Leader: jay

instagram: @jaycagle__

contact: dm on insta

do not contact me if you work for the federal government.


Camp Leader: Trash Cat

Newgrounds: @trashhhcat
Instagram: @trashhhcat
Contact: trashhhcatart@gmail

I've got a garbage brain, specializing in psychedelic macabre.