Our Mission

A Warm Fire in a Dark Forest

Founded in the summer of 2021, Midnight Scout brings you unique and original products in the most ethical way possible so that you can be proud of what you wear.

Navigating through the forest of modern consumerism can be a taxing and confusing thing. It seems everything is made overseas, unethically manufactured, and damaging to the environment. To add insult to injury, the powers that be refuse to treat their employees with the respect they deserve. We believe that the only way to live harmoniously is by bringing balance to The Void. That’s why here at Midnight Scout we make sure everything is made in the United States, our packaging is eco-friendly, our artists receive the credit and money they deserve, and we donate to support a multitude of causes.

We Take Care of Our Artists

We aim to create a community of artists and art lovers. With every item you will find the artist, or Camp Leader, responsible for its creation. We also put each artist in the spotlight and create as much media attention as possible for them in order to signal boost their career. Discover new artists and art styles on our site or on our social media. Make sure to give them a follow and show them some love!
Artists receive a portion of the proceeds for every item purchased that they have designed. So you’re directly supporting them by supporting us!

 Everything is Made in the United States

All of our products are manufactured in the U.S.A. so you can know you’re supporting your fellow Americans with every purchase you make. Don’t worry about unethical practices or cheap corner-cutting all for profit. Being made in the United States brings regulation and standards for production. Whatever you buy, you can sleep well at night knowing the hands that made your purchase were paid adequately, and could very well be your neighbor. 
Our stickers and acrylic pins are manufactured by Sticker Mule. Our screen printed patches are hand made by Camp Leader Les in Jackson, Missouri. And our jewelry is all hand crafted by many talented hands in the Southeast Missouri area.

We Care About the Planet

All of our items are shipped with the environment in mind. Our envelopes are recyclable, and our “plastic” bag mailers are 100% biodegradable imitation plastic purchased from No Issue Co. Even our pin backing cards are made from 100% post consumer paper! We really enjoy this dimension, and would rather not be forced to jump dimensions again due to the slow and morbid decay of the living beings that inhabit this planet you mortals call Earth. So we ask that you help us leave as little of an impact on our environment as possible by recycling any paper that comes in your order. Thank you :)


We Donate Too

A portion of the proceeds from every item purchased goes directly to a charity or non-profit! Not only do you get a cool piece of artwork that directly supports them, but you can feel proud knowing you’re making a positive impact on the universe as well.

We match the commission price from every order and donate the the cause of that artist's choice! Check out our artist's for more information on the causes your purchase directly funds. And keep an eye out for special projects with specific causes in mind.